Website promotion articlesWe can say that website promotion articles is one of the most effective methods, of course, there are other ways to promote, but

today we will talk not about them.

The method is to place thematically relevant articles, containing from one to three links to the promoted website or a page on a third-party

resources of similar subjects.

Why you need website promotion articles

First and foremost is getting your article in the top search engines, increase Alexa rank, attract more website traffic.

As you know external links are a major factor of search engine ranking and valued by search engines. Although not only links well

influence the promotion is still good and unique content, proper writing of articles and their optimization, keyword selection, etc.

Of course, not so simple, in determining the quality of external links is measured not only the quantity but also the quality of the resources-the donors and so they need

to select very carefully.

This means that useful backlinks to the site-the recipient will only bring links from high-ranking, authoritative sites. Backlinks with

pessimizirovat resources of poor quality or may even harm the site being promoted.

Modern changes in search engine requirements to the quality of external links require a revision of the traditional policy of website promotion articles.

Of paramount importance today is given to the quality rather than quantity. Appeal to the exchanges in popular articles today is becoming

less relevant. Trend of today: individual approach to each article and each site to the donor.

Requirements to the articles are maximum thematic relevance and uniqueness of articles. These parameters can be easily controlled by search engines.

Close attention to the uniqueness of the articles, of course, increases the cost of acquiring content.

Experiments with various placement papers have shown the following results:

Run articles free directory works with less efficiency. However, when advancing to mid-range, and especially on low-frequency

requests, posting articles in directories still gives good results.

The best results in promotion to high-demand shows block placement of articles on high-quality resources with particles not less than 50 and PR

not less than 2.

Moreover, to buy posting articles only quality resources, these same requirements apply to the purchase of eternal links. In some cases

it is better to directly resolve the issue with the administration of the donor site. It will be the best option that brings a much greater effect.

Search engine algorithm has improved the tracking and can now see that the article is published for a fee, which reduces the quality of the link.

This stems from the shortcomings of the method of website promotion articles: it requires a lot of financial investments and handmade.

Summarizing, we can say the following:

Today, website promotion articles is still one of the most effective methods of branding and promotion.

Free you can move the site at LF and MF requests, posting articles to article directories.

For paid method of posting articles, certainly requires careful quality control of the donor site. Be sure to check the history of the site see the website

«nature», this should be a resource for people with unique content, the TIC is at least 50-100, Pr at least 2, with comments and good attendance,

the larger it is, the more transitions the link to your resource. Please note how many pages indexed by search engines should be

not less than 100.

Correctly pick up the anchors, they must be of the form key request for example, how to write articles. writing articles, but also insert and betancuria

links such as here, here, read more and the like.