Why you need optimization and website promotion?You have created a website and posted it on the Internet. It’s great, but not enough. Even if you have the best design, even if you fill your website to the necessary information, all the same, visitors to your website you get. You already surprised that almost no one comes? We don’t.

Daily in the Russian-language Internet ( Runet ) registered hundreds of thousands of new sites. Your website just lost among all the new and, naturally, will not withstand competition with more established, popular resources.

You and your website need more support – “promotion” (previously used the word ” promotion “, but we do not recommend using). You have to leave your “footprint” on the Internet. Of course, you can and a promotion of the site the creators of the Admin.ru or any Studio promotion. But, it is in your power to independently carry out activities of search engine optimization of your site in search engines.

Admin.ru note! the motto of our website. On its pages – their own experience and the experience of our colleagues in the field of SEO ( SEO – search engine optimization ).

The first steps of search engine optimization and promotion of your site

Search engine optimization and website promotion – the process is time consuming, so be prepared for a long monotonous work. First need is to clarify the structure of your website, the concept, highlight key sections, create right and quality content. This is called search engine optimization resource. In the corresponding section we share our experiences: did we make you! Do not take a few hours of your precious time!

So, your site is the most beautiful at the best of hostprovider. works on the best platform (CMS ) with thousands of pages of unique optimized content. Most likely, your site will already be noticeable. But, using the event to promote the site you will be able to draw on its resources in dozens, hundreds of times more visitors. On the Internet you can find a huge number of tempting offers quick advance with very modest investments. In most cases this is a hoax.

And only after reading the above materials, take a solution – do you promote the site yourself or trust the professionals .

Website promotion in social networks

In recent years, it is hard to imagine a serious resource without the support of its social services. social networks. blogs. microblogs and other. We are trying to test various services and vienaam how effective they are in getting targeted traffic and promotion.