The importance of the document Sitemap.xmlSitemap is a special document that is intended to store information about the pages of Your Internet resource. The main function of this document is to simplify the web indexing sites robots-search engines.

Using Sitemap.xml the search robot can find out information about the location of pages on Your e-resource, frequency of updates and priorities regarding indexing. By and large, the creation of Sitemap.xml is an optional procedure, but only for those sites, the number of pages which does not exceed 50 pieces.

To the search robot know about You have before us document, you must indicate the path using the file Robots.txt. Created Sitemap.xml absolutely any text editor – the main thing that the file was in XML format. In addition, You have an option to generate the document, using special services, such as, for example,

Now consider the detailed procedure of file creation. It is quite simple and is very fast. First You need to register in the URL field the exact address of Your web resource, and then choose the desired format and to determine the priority in indexing pages. Next, set the frequency of updating the pages of Your website and list the other required parameters. Click “Run” and wait until you get the code You must copy into Your document Sitemap.xml then set the path to it through Robots.txt.

Agree, nothing complicated and impossible here. After done actions Your document is ready to use.