Website promotion articlesIt’s no secret that many SEOs and people who own websites and blogs often want to promote their resources with the help of promotion articles. This type of promotion involves the placement of various articles with links to your resource. These links are called contextual, they need to have their anchors and grounds, which will host the article, should be similar with your subject.

What is the promotion site using articles?

This is a very effective tool in promotion, because with the help of this website optimization, you can raise its position pretty quickly. But unfortunately, not every beginner can afford to only promote using articles, because the costs can be quite large.

Well what can I say, because for the money you pay and on promotion of website is not worth the money to spare, because then everything will pay off.

But the high cost of website promotion articles is obtained precisely because the article still need to buy. It’s no secret that quality articles can be extremely expensive, if you order a small article from a professional copywriter, then it will cost a few hundred rubles. If you select donors for placing articles, it is better to give preference to trust resources with good puzomerki and attendance.

As to searching places where you can post articles, you can use the specialized exchanges. The best exchange articles MiraLinks is that deserves special attention from the part of SEO.

Useful tips on optimizing your site through articles:

1. Do not post many articles in a short time. Not worth the extra time to give the search engines reason to suspect you to black optimization. After all, according to the staff of search engine «Yandex», even one purchased seo link is considered a cheat search engine algorithms.

2. Post article only on high-quality donors and no TOS.

3. If you have extra money, choose resources that are present at least in some popular directory.

As for the quality?

Consequently do not forget that the quality of the article should be on the level. Do not think that the webmaster agrees to place their silly text and without meaning. The article must be unique and preferably without mistakes, and, of course, do not forget about keywords.

Do not engage in reproduction of the articles, for it will not lead you to anything good in the promotion, and it is better to buy an article on some exchange of copywriting. Remember that you too beneficial to placed the article brought good traffic to the owner of the resource, because the article will be your link, and this additional traffic!