Webtun.com - web browserWhat is website promotion?

To raise the site in SERP it is possible not only when using external references, but with the help of articles. Your own content, whether it is at least a thousand times unique and interesting, in and of itself will not appear in the top 10 on the issuance of Yandex and will not attract visitors to your website. It is important that your article or website out. Contextual links posted on other sites, publication of announcements of articles on forums and social networking groups can lead a few people, but also can increase the likelihood that soon you simply banned for spam.

To reduce risk and achieve greater efficiency is possible by promoting articles with the help of specialized services – such as system seopul. Seopult carries out promotion articles in the following way: you choose the keywords appropriate for your site, the system picks the right platform to host and assigns a budget. If seopult pictures you like, the order goes in the job – copywriters write articles, sites place links leading to your site. In your account, you can track the results seopul and adjust my order by adding keywords and new sites for placement.

Website promotion articles in the same system seopul is more expensive than promotion links. But the article, unlike reference, is a one – time investment in long-term promotion, because the purchased article seopul will always lead to your website. Ideally, to promote your website is to use a combination of methods, and then the goal will be achieved faster.