Social bookmarking or website promotion articlesIn this article I want to talk a little bit about social bookmarking. What is social bookmarking and why should they?

Social bookmarking — specialized service through which Internet users can share, create, search, and manage bookmarks (addresses) of web resources.

Let’s say you have created a new website to earn money on the Internet, or any other purpose (doesn’t matter) and decided for some reason (for free) to promote it by writing articles. I think it is helpful to learn how to speed up website promotion articles.

It is very important that the website was a good indexing so that search engine spiders immediately index your new content. How to write and optimize the article can be read here and here.

If young site will be poorly indexed and your new article will get in search results, you risk to remain without these articles and to get banned from Yandex for plagiarism. Some of the them (young and dishonest) can just copy your new content and assign it to yourself.

If a website (whose owner took your article) will be good indicators, then the search engines will quickly index your article (on the resource). And after a while, finding this article on your site, consider it to be not unique, and will convict you of plagiarism.

To avoid this, you need social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking – these are resources on the Internet, where anyone can publish their announcements, links to your new articles and link to your resource.

These are a lot of services, links to some I have posted below:

Viewing them, you will be able to select the appropriate service.

For website promotion articles and keep your content safe and sound have a bit of work.

So a new entry is indexed faster, it should maintain external links. To get free links to your new article can and should use social bookmarks.

There are social bookmarking sites, and services, which together collected a considerable number of these tabs. To sign on to each resource and to publish in the manual mode, the article title, the link and the announcement takes up too much time.

Just click on a specially crafted services of automatic registration social bookmarking and all you have to do is once check-in for each resource, enter your credentials on your favorite social bookmarking services. I recommend to all of the bookmarking services to have a single username, password and email, so you do not get confused.

After completing the registration procedure on the selected social bookmarks, once you enter a title, link and description of a new article (announcement), keywords and the service will publish your article in all social bookmarking in which you are registered.

Automatic social bookmarking is ka free and paid bookmarks. A paid account costs about 10-20$. Paid services, as you know, not so filled with links that are naturally of higher quality.

For starters, I think that’s enough and free social bookmarking. So, I hope you overcame all registrations!

Now you are ready to publish your new articles on all these services.

Go to the tab “Submissions” (in different services can be called differently) and complete all sections: reference, title, article description, key words.

The title can be edited i.e. remove all unnecessary words (if too long). In description — a couple of unique sentences or a few lines from the article that there were key words, and there was a General sense of the record. In tags write keywords.

Select (put check mark) all your registered services and hit publish. All went through the process of adding your article to all the services.

Once having done such little work, you will be able in a couple of clicks to add your new entry to multiple social bookmarking.

The next step that you can do when promoting the site articles to improve the indexing of your record is to link to This is the webmasters. Here you can post announcements on your new article, if you are a webmaster or your content is associated with the promotion of sites on the Internet, on the Internet. In this case, you need to register for the service.

These announcements will be published on this site, and not only that, you will receive a link which will go faster and the robots will index your article, you will also get traffic from this site.

If you covered a different topic, you just go to the “Tools” tab and just add the link of your new article in Yandex and Google. This means that the search engines Yandex and Google more likely to notice your link and clicks on it to index the content.

Generally, this does not mean that the search engines now go through your link, but still, it’s a bit faster indexing.

You can use another way for fast indexing of the articles. You use on the resource button the social.networks? If not, you should immediately take advantage of it. Set button the social.networks using plugins or using the service (as you wish).

If you use social buttons. networks need to go through all the set buttons – VK, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and send your post. You can even put likes on their articles.

After done all above steps, your article will be quickly indexed by search engines and appear in search results that will lead to your site new visitors.

After the publication of each new article you should put in all that work, how to add a link to your article in different services: social bookmarks, Gradually the search engines will get used to navigate your site to index your articles.

Of course, the key to a quick indexing of your site is often updated, i.e. articles need to release as often as possible. If the articles will be released once a month, robots will be reluctant to index your site, long time to come to him, to read a new article.

If the articles going out constantly, and even with unique content. then your success is guaranteed.

Success in promoting your website and getting traffic to my website.