Now, briefly about the benefits of working with WebArtex :A lot of potential customers . The selection at the exchange is very strict, it’s about the quality of the sites. Where quality, there is demand.

Fixed price . As for me, so it is a good plus — no need to watch the prices of competitors and soared over setting prices.

Bonus for quick occupancy . Placing the article within 3 hours after it was written, you will receive 25% bonus of the Commission system.

High-quality content . The articles are written mostly copywriters system, of their quality I will tell further. If you are not satisfied with something — send an article back for revision. Optimizers can also add your texts in. Did not like the article — the output is the same.

Operational withdrawals . However, the way until that one — wmz purse.

In the system there is another interesting thing called a calculator income. Enter the site address and check how many you can get:

Article promotion with WebArtex and benefits for the optimizer

Now consider the exchange from the point of view of the optimizer. And immediately start with adding the site. In the optimizer section, click on “Add project”, then enter the name and region:

Now you need to add keywords and pages. Here, too, there should be no problems. Most importantly — to choose the right keywords . Proanaliziruite the frequency and competitive inquiries. the position of your website. In the left part of the write request, the right — the page to which the link will lead. The page can be determined automatically, if you click on the appropriate icon. Then click on the box and ready — keyword added.

After you add a keyword that will determine the position of your website in SERP. It has its own feature — unless you buy an article for a keyword that his place will not be tracked.

Keywords added, you are ready to buy articles. First you need to find a venue. The system provides multiple filters . it is a standard ” rating, themes, attendance, number of pages in the index, presence in directories, TIC, PR and domain age. But there is an item called “articles”. In webartex there are several types of submissions:

Standard — simple article with 1-2 links with anchor text that you choose from the list.

Bazantarnia — the article with the anchor of the form “here”, “here”, etc. Help to make backlinks more natural.

Picture — materials with pictures that are 10% higher than normal. But look better.

SERM — a sort of advertising overview of the resource, promotion of the brand. Also more than the usual 10%

Nofollow ” article, where links have the attribute rel=”nofollow”, helping to diversify external links.

Your articles — the ability to upload your text. Pretty useful thing, later I will explain why.

Choose the type that fits you, other filters and search the site. Once you find it, you need to choose keywords . in article, max 2 links. Then click the button “Order”, then pay and wait for ready. But in this case, when you order article writing literary exchange, but I recommend to do differently.

Not so long ago in the system have the opportunity to add their lyrics and give them to webmasters to publish. This is a very useful feature, and here’s why.

Price . The price for any copyright in the system is 270 rubles for the entire amount. The article also has about 2-3 thousand characters. It would be about 3-4$ per thousand. In copywriting the prices are much more inexpensive, especially if you need to make multiple orders.

Quality . As for the errors everything is fine, and the uniqueness of the mark. The main problem in the article. For example, I ordered article related to css, and the article was about the rules of writing high-quality texts. Yes, they are related, but article promotion means stronger bond.

Speed . Special no quibbles, as the article ordered on Friday, was ready on Monday (weekend, on time ordered), but still faster to buy the finished article or book from a copywriter on the exchange. Although it will fall.

I recommend when selecting sites primarily on puzomerki, and attendance, because you can get more, and most importantly interested, visitors.

After purchasing the article will be traced positions for your selected keywords. Information about the project you will see the name (title), address the placement, the status index and basic status (posted, copywriting, etc.) of the article.

To speed up the indexing of the article in the interests of the webmaster, so not have to wait long.

And now briefly about the benefits of the exchange for the optimizer.

High quality . Venues are very strict selection, so the system get better.

Easy search websites . About 15 filters to help find a suitable site.

Their texts . The ability to add your texts are very helpful, both in terms of cost and quality.

Reports on positions . The collection tool positions requests for which were bought the articles.

Webartex recently published the results of a promotion of one of its customers. The period February 20—1 June. 12 requests were purchased 234 articles. Here’s the final result of promotion:

But the increase in attendance, beginning the progress shown by the arrow:

The TIC increased from 190 to 1300 (1800 now). Requests moved exclusively to articles on website content, the work is not carried out in the period. In General, the result on the face. The full report can be found here .

That seems to be all. All quite simple, if something is not clear — suggest that you look through the manual of Webartex. Good luck with your earnings and see you soon on the blog pages MonetaVInternete.