Now I will list what you get, buying article.First of all this is, of course, high-quality link to your site . In the beginning of this article I said that the search engines will tighten the requirements to the reference mass. The best reference — a natural link. That is, one that doesn’t look purchased. I already wrote once about the attitude of Google and Yandex to purchase links. In the article they present usually 1-3 pieces and they look quite natural. As the link to the author’s source, on which was written the article.

Addition to the first point will be to serve and execute certain rules for the right purchase of links. In General, this is a pretty controversial topic, but it got the facts completely accurate. And one of them suggests that giving the link a natural look . you should place it in the text with similar themes. Thus we have the following diagram: the text — reference — the text. The main thing correctly to pick up the link anchor text and relevant okolossylochny the text. Usually, such a text should have about 300 characters, and in the article they will be much more.

Finally, the third advantage — additional traffic . Attendance area-the donor is not just an indicator of quality. Usually, site owners output of recent publications on the main page, and they immediately fall in e-mail newsletter. When buying an article, these rules are not canceled. Users, during the reading, will see your links and may pass through them. And this is a targeted and interested audience, which is usually obtained through social marketing .

Of course, there are also disadvantages to article promotion . Them, in General, only two — poor donors and a great price. And if the first are easy to ignore and not to buy items with price are all worse. Indeed, article promotion is simple more expensive buy eternal links (if you compare the same parameters of the site), but it is very effective.

Earnings on articles WebArtex and the benefits of working for webmasters

So, let’s get to the reviews exchange from the point of view of the webmaster. First you need to register. At this stage you will need to choose who you will be working on the exchange — the webmaster, the optimizer or partner . Note that you need, and accept the terms of use. Registration is completed, you can now add a site.

Enter the section webmaster, then click on the button add site. Enter the address of the resource and wait until the automatic check. Requirements for the sites at this stage:

The TIC is not less than 20.

The number of pages in the index Yandex and Google at least 50

Domain age 12 months

The domain is not a level 3, with the exception of certain areas mentioned on the website.

If you have passed this stage, the next action you take — to confirm the right website. Here you can either append\e a special code to the main page, or load a text file in the root directory of the site. Confirm the status of the website owner . the site will be sent for moderation, i.e. a manual check. Here I can begin some difficulties webmasters as the criteria were pretty strict:

Prohibited sites participating in the reference stock exchanges. As an example, Sapa and mainlink stated, with regard to exchanges of eternal links I just can not say. And purchased to recognize the eternal link harder.

Prohibited sites-Berezniki, with movies, music, adult content and violate the laws of the Russian Federation. It is a standard item.

Banned sites with advertising,aimed at buying traffic (pop and click-unders, for example). The presence of teaser blocks can also be a reason for rejection of the site. I think that if the advertisement is of high quality, everything will be okay.

Forums, guest books, classifieds, link directories, handbooks and dictionaries is also not suitable for participation.

Unfinished forbidden sites. Better work hard on it, and then add to the system.

Prohibited sites in foreign languages, including Ukrainian.

And, finally, prohibited sites, not carrying a payload with poor quality content created for selling links.

By the way, contextual ads and sponsored reviews are allowed. All of these items say about the quality exchange — it really no bad sites.

When a site is moderated, you will see the price of one article. Yes, the moderator sets the price. As for me, it is quite convenient. Yet the system has its own rating sites, which depends on the quality of content, theme, TIC, PR, domain age and several indicators. The maximum rating of 100. Once you have added the site, even if it is at the stage of moderation, you can increase the rating to 15 units (picture taken from the exchange):

More precisely separately on 5 and 10 points. If you have a visitor counter from Yandex (Yandex metrics) or from Google (Google analytics), then tied one of them to the site, you will increase the rating by 10 . If you add code to the site of service uptolike (buttons social networks and surveys for the site owner — the same seopul), you will receive 5 units . By the way, the rating sites can be counted. For me it happened the very next day.

Binding of counters in one click. Previously, you had to open the guest access. Chose a metric that hit it, gave good and ready. And the code uptolike still have to install it manually. All this is done to ensure that the system collected data on attendance . This and you — the advertiser is more likely to choose the resource with visitors than without them.

Also you can raise the price for placing content. The fact that the stock exchange has several types of articles, which I’ll discuss later, and which cost 10% more than usual. This includes promotional articles and reviews with pictures.

Thus, the rating obtained, and then everything is in principle easy. Get the application (I advise you to set up notifications), then see the keywords and the corresponding page provided by the optimizer, and accept if you are satisfied, or reject if you do not like something, bid. The decision you have two days.

After your approval, the copywriting Department of the exchange will start writing an article . The time of writing is up to three days. You will receive a notification of completion of work, after which one can proceed. Just copy the title and text of article. Also the system has a special bonus for speed — if you have time to post an article not later than 3 hours after it was written, you will receive a bonus of 25% of the Commission system.

If the article for any reason you don’t like (contains errors, inaccuracies, another issue altogether) you can send it back for revision, describing the problem. Adding an article, you need to specify the address of the page you have posted it.

Please wait while Yandex and Google will index the page.After that you will, within 90 days will be credited the money for it — every day, one of the nineties from the specified value. Withdraw your funds at dollar purse WebMoney at the rate ruling at the date of order of withdrawal, a fee not. How to withdraw money from WebMoney on the card, you can find here .