rules and tips for ordering articlesWhat distinguishes a good article from a bad one?

Good article many years for free brings you visitors from search.

Good article itself has good positions in search engines, thus making you richer.

For the article You pay once, and the income and visitors it brings constantly.

Good article people read and remember.

Good article from You increases the loyalty of Your customers

How to give the job to the authors.

Assessment criteria articles:

The uniqueness of the text: 95-100%

Interesting article, which to want to read.

Uniform arrangement of keywords in the article. Direct entry into headings and subheadings.

Each keyword use not more than 2 times on 1000 characters.

The desired size of the information articles 2200-3500 characters. Such texts get 20-40% more users than a smaller size.

Yandex ranks the better articles ranging in size from 2200 characters. The information is taken from the blog of Yandex.

The introduction of the article and description of topics/issues covered in it.

Possible solutions to this issue covered in the article (it can be manual, list of recipes, sequencing, etc., etc.).

The logical conclusion, and in the end, it is desirable to write a few “tips” on the topic.

I suggest that you use the following call for papers

Content requirements:

The content and the title of the article or news should reflect the essence of the search query of the user. If you are promoting a page about backgrounds for website, write the article strictly about the backgrounds, not diluting the text of the other words and topics. The article should give an answer to a user’s question.

The information requirements:

Good article informative. Informativeness — one of the most important qualities of the article. If you get in the habit of “spread the word”, it can hardly be hoped that there will be regular visitors. For example, I can’t stand when stated in the title, interesting, vivid and very specific theme, and instead of useful information I get a bunch of author’s emotions and abstract reasoning, which does not bring anything useful (unless of course you don’t study the inner world and psychological state of the author).

The title of the article (the title in the H1 tag, which should be used once on an article, the title is the key word).

Between paragraphs 1-2 blank lines.

Paragraphs with a maximum length of 4-6 lines.

2-5 names section of the article (in the h2 tag, the section name contains the keyword).

Key words are spaced evenly across the article (it is recommended to use one unique key word 2 times on 1000 characters). Example: once in title, once in the beginning of the text, in the subtitle, right in the middle and once at the end of the article.

Numbered and bulleted lists at least one article.

Several fatty secretions, which consider important the article for reading.

One or two pictures to an article (signed with alt tag).

Requirements to the uniqueness of 100%, the length of single 5 (the more text, the more your own uniqueness). For expensive texts install shingle 4 and a deep scan of the text. You should check your texts for uniqueness programs advego or etx.

Prohibited the italics and underscores.

The article title and subtitle is always left-aligned (someone manages the center insert, but it’s wrong).

Cheap or expensive texts. What to choose?

Experienced webmasters have noticed that only high-quality informative articles occupy the first place in search engines and give you traffic.

The quality and usefulness of the text every day play more and more important. Search engines have long been able to distinguish watery from text qualitative-information, and bad uninteresting text is simply not allowed at the first position a machine gun, or banning sites with poor text. I think everybody has that. When you ordered the text, take the cheapest price, without paying attention to the quality of the text (like this website for Sapa for example), think in the right direction you develop your website, especially if it’s SDL (site for people).

And the Council at the end of the article

I noticed that many of the exchange sites (I will not list specific names) uniqueness is checked automatically. On the one hand it is certainly good. But knowing all the details, I was disappointed. As it turned out, the test is carried out only one search engine, and this is clearly not enough.

Automatically check the text for uniqueness is done by single 7. This means that if the author will change every 7th word in the text, the article will automatically check. Eventually, such items are almost never found in the search engines. To properly check the texts on single 5 2-3 search engines (Yandex, Google).

Be sure to request a scan of the article on the uniqueness of the program Advego.

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