Free website promotion: is it possible?The high position in the issue, a steady inflow of visitors, dynamically growing income, dreams of the owner of each site. Until one dream, others act: hire SEO, book writing articles for promotion, purchase links, are conducting a paid usability analysis and so on. All this requires the implementation of certain expenses, sometimes considerable. And all these costs ultimately have to cover all the benefits derived from the results of the promotion. However, there is alternative way is free promotion of website in top results of popular search engines. How to promote a site with zero cost, will be discussed in this article.

Independent creation of SEO content

One of the basic techniques, which is usually based on free website promotion is article promotion. Article promotion site requires articles of a special kind that serve not only the informant but also a tool to promote sites in the top SERP. Free website promotion articles involves the use of free content, meaning that articles to promote the site owner will have to write yourself. Handwritten creating SEO content – a task, frankly, not the easiest. The fact that the articles for promotion differ somewhat from the usual text content. They should not only be interesting, easy to read and written clearly for the masses the language, but also to meet certain requirements of search engines. In order to promote the site you want to use optimized for the popular keywords of the article. This means that in ready exclusive news enter one or more keywords, in the form of links. This text link is called anchor text and leads to the promoted website. However links fit into the article is not so much that it moved people, how to ensure that they were taken into account by search engines when ranking websites. It’s no secret that the references have a strong influence on the outcome of the ranking, especially outside, and especially surrounded thematic text. In other words, the links entered in the article, are more important from the point of view of website promotion, rather than the usual backlinks that are hosted in the network. And the maximum weight of the links can be achieved if aligned text (the anchor) with a keyword, chosen specially to promote this site. To start creating SEO content is possible, only having all the necessary knowledge and skills in this area, as mistakes can cost the website a hit under the filter.

Attracting natural backlinks

Effective free website promotion requires not only SEO articles, but also external links in its pure form, which also significantly influence the position of your site in search engines. Since this is a zero budget promotion, SEO is the only way to build external links is to stimulate growth in the number of natural backlinks. Natural backlinks are those links which are posted by users and which are published on third party sites by their owners as a recommendation to its visitors. No one would recommend is not worthy of the attention of the resource, so a large number of natural of external links is considered by search engines as relevance of a site, its high quality and ease to use. And this is quite sufficient to make the platform more accessible to a wide mass user audience network. To do this, the search engine robots increase position of the site on one or more lines (depending on various factors). So implementing a positive effect of an external reference weight naturally occurring. However, in order to grow, must adhere to high standards – only really high quality and useful resource is able to earn a large amount of natural links. Therefore, in order to promote the free reference it is necessary to strictly monitor the compliance of site to the users ‘ needs and expectations of the search engines.