real progress blog articlesHello dear blog readers. This article will familiarize You with the promotion of the blog using articles. You will understand why this method is the best, and also thoroughly learn how to use it to promote their website.

Promoting the web site articles is one of the best ways by which you can improve search engine ranking of the website due to the number of external links by posting on other web pages a unique and thematic texts together with links to Your site.

The link of feature articles be seen by search engines robot, as a natural, she has almost no chance to get the status of selling links, whose weight during the ranking of sites is not taken into account even if be promoting the blog articles. In addition, links placed in articles have more weight because of the thematic text. Moreover, if the article is optimized for the queries with low frequency, it can be a major source of traffic to Your website. Remember that promoting your blog articles is the best way.

What about the PR effect, often attributed to SEO articles, in most cases (over 95%) is a myth. From the article getting PR-effect is very difficult to do that you need to book pretty high quality and expensive articles. Most of the optimizers considers this move a foolish waste of funds. One should not count on the effect of PR from pages with a value of less than $ 10.

The text of the article.

It is very important that the article was unique and thematic text. You can write articles with your own hands, you can make a special order for copywriters. But do not forget that SEO articles are not just robots, but people, this means that the text should be and the idea and the meaning. The theme of the SEO article must somehow relate to the overall theme of the website that is promoted with the help of this article. In any case, do not place even a little of the same article on different websites, because the search engine to index them will not, which means that they will not do You any good. Also do not use the method of generation of articles. Even articles created using the most complex method of generation will be quickly recognized by search engines and they will soon lose the index and will not bring any effect. The cost of placing the articles in a special area exceeds the amount of money saved on copywriting, so this method is not effective.

Should look like a real SEO article?

SEO article is unique and well-written text. This article should be linked, make sense and idea, and it should be decorated with all the requirements and should contain links to the site that will be unwound with the help of these articles. Keywords – search queries that people use to search for certain information. The structure of the SEO articles is almost indistinguishable from the structure of a regular article, it needs to stand out paragraphs and subheadings. Do not post links in the first paragraph of the article, because it is the first paragraph most often used in the sense of the announcement and the link posted in it – is lost, but despite this, the links must be placed as high as possible in the text.

How should be a featured article on the site?

Places to post Your articles on the website lots, a place you can look for yourself, and you can refer to the reference or brokers on the exchange of articles. While selecting the donors should pay attention to the appearance of the site, its traffic, unique content and number of pages with the index. It is best to promote blog articles.

Important points while posting articles.

The number of articles you need to increase gradually and very carefully. In no case do not place a large number of articles at once, a reference explosion is also not very good and may result in the imposition of the filter. Article marketing is a very effective tool, if used correctly, but without the right experience money to waste like this. If You doubt your skills better to give it to professionals, so that the result was guaranteed.

And in conclusion of article, video from a link Broker