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Author: Gennady Olkhovsky

Hello everyone! And again, you Blog Gena !

Before will talk on the topic of article promotion . I want to remind you that this is one of the ways to increase traffic to the website and the most effective way of promotion.

Article promotion is a very effective method, one of the most effective methods of promotion of any website or blog, but this method is usually very expensive and labor-intensive. In order to advance in SEO articles . you need to write or buy a theme, preferably unique article (I prefer my own), then her to place somewhere. I mean, it all takes time, and sometimes cash investments. Therefore, this method does not use all, it is the most complicated but at the same time – the most powerful option to promote your site or blog.

Let us consider an example. Here’s my article – “How to make a search form Yandex “. If you make a request in Yandex ” How to make a search form Yandex “, the link to my article would be number 4 in the search results, in Google it is also at the top positions. (25.07.13)

What you need to do to qualify for this position, you can read here or here to recall that for any promotion articles . you must adhere to certain rules of SEO. To promote in the article, preferably a specific page of the site.

Three ways to promote articles

Write articles on your website

Write articles on your site, and then publish on other sites

Write articles only to other resources

The first method: write the article on your website all the rules of SEO – you put a header (<title> keywords </title>), a few key phrases in the text with the highlighting and you’re done. If the article is unique (required) sets and readers will be referencing it, then visit you provided and the page will go to the mountain of search results.

The second way: first post on the resource, the crawler indexes it, determines that the text is unique and confirms the authorship of this publication. After a certain time you can send the text to other resources. In the contents you can put the url to the article’s author, that is, on their site! Also in the text can use links to other articles of your site, which in turn will bring new visitors, which will positively affect the position of the other articles of your website in search engines.

In what resources to add your articles? For these publications are the article directories . both free and paid. But as my blog is aimed primarily at beginners, then our conversation will go on free promotion articles . and on the basis of article directories you will learn a little later (below).

Third method: you have written the article is published exclusively on a foreign resource, i.e., placed on another site with a link to your website. It is not recommended to post articles of the same content (copy/paste), as the search engine can glue all publications in one, and your work will be in vain.

How to get out of this situation? It’s very simple. You can use a free program SEO Anchor Generator is a tool for generating and reproduction of your articles, anchor text etc. Download this program here. With the help of this program can be propagated in the text of your articles to any number and still achieve uniqueness. In the work and customizing this program, I think, to understand is not particularly difficult. Such programmes a lot, but I use this, I recommend!

Here we come to the place where you can view a unique database of article directories . you can absolutely free of charge to post their articles. Only you need to fulfill the condition: