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Good day, dear blog readers! The article SEO 2014 me somehow were considered tendencies of development of the industry. Actually, I have only one conclusion — need to gradually lower the priority of links when promoting . Behavioral factors. smm and smo. even advertising offline — here’s what you should pay attention. But forget about the reference ranking is not necessary, so I recommend to resort to another method of working with this factor.

I’m talking about article promotion site . Recently the leading positions in this sphere took exchange articles Miralinks. but recently there was a very competitive project, whose name is WebArtex . By the way, Webartex is supported by the oldest Russian service automated site promotion (4 largest in Russia I compared in this article ) — Seopult, in which, after the establishment of the exchange, the function of article promotion.

Actually, this thing is very, very useful. If you think about it, the search engines, of course, can not completely abandon reference-counted in the rankings (although they are not the main part), but here’s a different perspective on their quality of them is not difficult. So, in this article we will examine the basic principles with the exchange, the selection process of the sites and ordering of articles.

The principle of operation and the advantages of article promotion

Now let’s deal with common issues. And we begin with the principle of operation. If you run through any exchange of articles, for example, miralinks or webartex. initially, you will need to register to create an advertising campaign — how to do it on the example of webartex we will consider in the course of the article. After that you can proceed to the selection of the suitable sites (donors).

Immediately set the desired parameters — the TCI. etc. rating in the system, etc. Special attention should be paid to the attendance. indexelement, presence in directories and, of course, the subject. This highlights the quality of the site . properly configured you will be able to get the maximum benefit from the purchase of the article. I recommend to add the selected sites in the white list, then a long search for.

So, choosing suitable website you should specify the project that you created (advertising campaign) or keywords. Then comes the process of writing (you will write the material yourself or give it to copywriters — you decide). Then the finished article is placed at your chosen site, you check it and pay. In different exchanges, everything happens a little differently, but the General principle still remains — selection of site, ordering or self-writing, verification and payment.