Betancore promotion of sites in conjunction with articles — Google is not firingBetancore website promotion in search engines — is external reference optimization, which are links to other resources without the key the query in the link anchor text.

What are these links

Bazantarnia links, in most cases necessary to dilute the total backlinks to the promoted website. Search engines perceive these links as “real”, as they do not contradict the recommendations for quality assurance Google.

(request for calculating the cost of promotion)

That is, for those links you will get in the ban search engines, and your website or website page will not out of the index of search engines. Of course only the case when you follow the rules I described in the article about the factors of natural links Google .

How to look bazantarnia links

Again let me remind you that all links which contain keywords in the anchor text, it is considered natural.

Branded links are natural “eyes” of search engines, and in some ways can be attributed to the “Besancon” in meaning. Called branded links that the anchor contain the name of the website.

For example, for my site, the brand links are the links:

They also consider the “safe” references with the words “here”, “here”, “read”, “site link”, “navigate”, “view” and so on.

His response to bazantarnia links Google

First of all you need to understand that all links that are not closed from search engines, Google takes into account.

The only difference is what will be given weight by this reference, and will get the website for the purchase link under the filter.

In the EU, which will be transmitted on the link depends on such factors:

1) the Number of external links on the page.

2) Unique content on the page.

3) the PR page of the site.

4) Place a link (probably because the links outside the text of the article are suspicious for Google).

5) Najica in title and h1 of the words used in the anchor.

The last point is the most interesting. I noticed that a very strong effect give links in the articles when in the title are the same words that are in the anchor text of our links. But this is another story, since the article is about betancuria links.

How to get maximum results from besanceney links

Now we became the most interesting question: how to make so that a site being promoted has received the maximum amount of weight on besanceney link? Now I will try to describe several options for transferring maximum weight.

First . what you need to do – not to drain the weight of our besanceney links other external links. That is, if you buy a perpetual or leased link, you should check the number of the external reference on the page. Ideally, the page should be one external link — our.

Second, we must understand that the topic of our page where we place links, very close to the promoted page. For example, if you move the request “site promotion” in title and h1 tag should contain these words (in the declination — “promotion of sites”, “website promotion” and so on). In addition, the content on the website should describe the essence of the topic.

Be attentive to what many websites prescribed title different from the page theme. That is, in the meta-tag title is written “website Promotion in search engines “, but in fact the text on the page, nothing to do with it. In this case, the link may carry a negative effect and pull your request in the opposite direction.

The working scheme bethanking website promotion

The third factor of weight gain besanceney links is a scheme that works very well. Don’t know if it was describing someone to me, but I use it not so long ago.

To start, let’s denote the conditions of the promoted pages:

1) Unique one hundred percent of the text that is written for humans.

2) the Page is optimized for search request.

3) No duplicates of this page.

4) Search engine correctly shows the title in the SERP.

5) Bearing an h1 tag.

6) human is Composed the correct title.

For example, we promote the page with an interesting article on landing page. If you don’t know what is a landing paid, I recommend to read, very useful article about sales from the site.

For successful bethanking advance request “landing page” is the most correct way is very simple. Order a rewrite that article 10 times for 1-2K characters copywriter or write it yourself. Then with the help of exchange links (or otherwise) published our article on third-party resources. In this case, must comply with the rules set out above and below:

1) In the featured article title is the name of the site and our request.

For example, Title:

Creating a sales page from the Site-Ok

2) h1 tag contains the name of the promoted website and the search query.